Step into Awareness. Join us in the circle May 19th – 21st, 2017

Utah Dance for All People
Welcomes You

The Utah Dance Community invites you
to step into Awareness.
Join us in the circle May 19th – 21st, 2017.

The Hawk’s cry signals the need to the beholder;
to heighten awareness and receive a message.
The shrillness of Hawk’s call pierces the state of unawareness,
and asks you to seek truth.

Messenger of the sky, circle my dreams
and teach me the message as we fly.

The Dance for All People comes from a tradition of the Great Basin/Plateau peoples that has been revitalized by Native people to perpetuate the healing and renewal of Mother Earth and all her beings. The Dance is about each person taking personal responsibility to make this mission of healing and renewal a part of their daily lives. Through the vessel of the Dance, we focus our hearts, minds, and prayers on the transformation of our inner beings based on the premise that we must become in our inner lives, what we intend to create in the outer world.

In the long ago time…

…it is said the Dance of Old was originally given to the Shoshone/Paiute people by Coyote. For thousands of years it helped them to heal, ward off sickness, and deal with bad or harmful events and renew the Earth.

It has been said, “When you dance this Dance, your life WILL change.” Not only each and every dancer, but the Dance itself has changed and grown. The Dance has grown beyond the ancient Naraya ceremony as practiced by the Great Basin ancestors. Yet it is a traditional ceremony following traditional guidelines, grown from the roots from whence it came, which has prospered and flowered in the days that we now live to change lives for the better with the help of Great Mystery. Truly, it has become the Dance for All People with a life of its own!

The Dance Today

The purpose of the present-day Dance is, as it has always been, about healing and renewal: for ourselves, our families, and Mother Earth. In our quest and challenges with modern living, we may have forgotten how to pray in a good way, how to seek and give heartfelt council in community, how to receive Spirit in our hearts and lives. In our busy lives, we sometimes even forget how much healing work we have to do! With all the planetary and personal shifting being experienced daily, the need for Ceremony in our lives is paramount.

The Dance is a sacred and powerful ceremony, to be approached with respect and humility. The Dance is not a workshop, not a relic of the past, and not a reenactment— it is a living tradition. It is not talked about lightly or bragged about grandly, but must be done with the utmost integrity for the healing of ourselves, the Earth and all our Relations.


After more than 20 years of diligent prayer and hard work, the original vision is being realized in new ways: the vision of racial harmony, the vision of people of all four directions in the circle of life coming together under the Tree. Once witnessed with one’s own eyes, it is something that each and every dancer can carry in his or her heart, back home to nourish and inspire family, friends, and local community

While this Dance was born of vision, if it is to survive another 20 years we must turn to our collective vision to find the paths, the energy, and the inspiration to journey step-by-step to the seventh generation to come. The life of the Dance is about the personal and collective vision of each and every dancer who is called to it. We each have a piece of the puzzle, and we are all a part of the legend. Every voice under the Tree of Life needs to be heard.

We are reminded that “all power lies in a circle”. In Ceremony, in community, the power and clarity of our circle is multiplied a thousand-fold. And so we call on each of you to bring your voice, your highest vision, your dreams and your prayers to the Cauldron. To encourage the process of healing at a global level, we must first change the one thing over which we have real power: ourselves. And if not now, when?




Early Arrival: Thursday May 18: We will begin preparation of the circle and land.
Friday May 19: Arrival by 10 AM. The ceremony will begin no later than 1:00 PM.
Sunday May 21: Ceremony will conclude late Sunday. Clean up will begin Sunday night and finish up Monday morning.

While the ceremony is over, there is much cleanup, mingling and celebration left to do.

We encourage a more leisurely departure…but you may leave then if you must. We encourage all our dancers to stay for a rousing raffle, auction and a final meal together Sunday night. There is no additional change for staying the additional night and volunteers are appreciated as many hands make light work.

We are requesting that all Dancers be on the land no later than 10:00 AM Friday May 19th.


IMPORTANT! Each new Dancer MUST contact an intention guide before sending in your application; for returning dancers this step is optional.

The intention guide, a well-informed, seasoned dancer, will discuss expectations and intentions for dancing, within the context of sharpening, defining and refining deliberate focus in one’s process with the dance. Intention Guides for the Utah Dance of All People are listed below:

Registration and Donations

We are anticipating a great deal of interest in our Dance this year. Although we will do our best to accommodate as many dancers as possible, space is limited. We encourage you to register as soon as possible. Everyone MUST complete the registration and payment to secure your place.

Once you have signed the online form, you will receive your Dear Dancer letter along with a list of agreements that all dancers must sign.


While there is no charge for ceremony, we do ask for a registration fee to cover the cost of food, materials, elder travel, etc. Registration for this dance is a sliding scale of $275 – $350 and must be paid in full to secure your spot.


Windwalker Ranch is capable of housings 60 dancers with beds. Although there is considerable space for camping, the weather can be unpredictable during the springtime in our mountains. Camping guests have 2 showers accessible. For questions regarding housing, please contact Jerry Buie (801.557.9203 or email ( )


Windwalker Ranch is located 90 minutes south of Salt Lake City in Spring City, Utah. This historic site and former cattle ranch located in the midst of an ancient juniper forest in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains. According to John Alton Peterson, author of “Utah’s Black Hawk War”, the Ghost Dance was held in this vicinity approximately 130 years ago. Our ceremony will be held outdoors in a clearing around one of the old growth juniper trees. The grounds we perform our ceremony on is relatively flat and easy walking, however, there is a somewhat rocky and uneven path to get to the dance ground, so please plan accordingly.


A traditional Coyote Market will be available at the dance for those of you who have wares and/or art to offer for sale. Come prepared to sell or buy wonderful items.

The raffle is a raucous and fun way to showcase talented artist as well as many beautiful items gathered from around the world. Please feel free to donate items as proceeds raised, help to fund elder travel to various Naraya ceremonies.

Please indicate on the application form if you intend to participate in the market as a seller or if you have items for the raffle


Additional help is often needed as it is the custom for Clyde Hall to bring some guests to each dance. To accommodate this tradition, funds are required to cover their expenses. We appreciate any support you may be able to provide even if you are not dancing with us this time. We encourage you to support by sending checks to the NCPC (Tax Deductible) and reference the Utah Naraya in the memo line.

We gratefully accept contributions via PayPal Contribute here, or send a check payable to Stacy Robinson, 387 West Center Street, Bountiful, UT, 84010.

Contact Stacy Robinson (801.560.8210 * or Kellie Queen (801.209.2378 * ) if you would like to contribute as a sponsor.


To learn more about our ceremony, visit